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Congress Brainstorms over Loss of Muslim Vote
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Mr Sadathullah Khan, I read your article, “Discover Themselves,” in Islamic Voice. Your words echoed those of Maneri who was one of God’s aids to bring me ever closer to Himself. I don’t know how many times he warned his readers to be careful of people who have a great deal of knowledge about Islam, but are sadly deficient in knowledge of God. He himself remains an outstanding example of a man who became a famous scholar, but felt an emptiness within him, so he went in search of a guide and found Najibuddin Firdausi, who was a source of many graces, followed by a short stint alone with God in the jungle and then in a cave in Rajgir, before the press of people who wanted to meet him became so great that he settled in Bihar Sharif for over 40 years before his death. His writings show both the width and the depth of his knowledge and experience of God. I was impressed to see that you were leading your readers in this same direction. We trust in God and do our best.

Paul Jackson
[email protected].