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Very Good Articles in July 2013 Issue

Natural Born Futurist
No Freedom to Sacrilege

This is with reference to the July 2013 issue of Islamic Voice. There were some very good articles in this issue and I convey my sincere appreciation to Adil Salahi for his article, “Fasting for winning the pleasure of God,” to Maqbool Ahmed Siraj for his superb piece, ” Tips for Neighbour-Friendly Ramadan” and also my praises for Dr Aslam Abdullah for the story on “Moon-Sighting to Moon Fighting.” I recollect a similar humorous piece written by Ibn-e- Insha in his book “Urdu Ki Akhri Kitab” with a very similar cartoon.
Kazi Mohammad Ayub
Shehar Khateeb and Pesh Imam
Shahi Ikminara Masjid