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This refers to Islamic Voice (September 2017 issue), piece titled “Muslims and the Internet”. The author very rightly observes : I am thoroughly disgusted”¦.irrespective of where it is coming from.” I fully agree with him and state that every faithful Muslim is disgusted. The writer is fully justified in warning them against spreading hatred against other sects and religions and asks them to ‘Stop” as their children are watching and may opt out of Islam and its spiritual shelter. Allah states in the Noble Quran verse 2: 11, “When it is said to them, make not mischief on earth, they say: We are only peacemakers.”
Verse 2: 12 says: Verily they are the ones who make mischief. But they perceive not. May Allah make them mend their ways.” I as a reader of Islamic Voice for the past 15 years, find a lot of improvement in the magazine. All topics must continue.

S. Abdul Kasim,
Khajamalai, Trichy