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Sir, This is with reference to a letter by a Christian brother, Victor Edwin in the July 2015 issue of Islamic Voice .Though the letter appears to be his sincere effort to build bridges between Muslim and Christian communities, it has its own deceptions and jugglery of words regarding faith/belief, which I would like to present before you
It is very heartening to note that Pope Francis wanted a “dialogue with Islam”. May be, he meant dialogue with Muslims, a positive development indeed, to achieve peace, justice and reconciliation. Further, it has always been a tradition among Muslims to have a meaningful dialogue with Christians.
Even during the time of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) a delegation of Christians from Najran met the prophet and were his guests for 3 days and 3 nights in Masjid-e-Nabwi in Madinah. During the course of their dialogue on the matter of faith, the four verses of Surah 112:1-4 were revealed to the Prophet. Muslims believe, that these four verses of Surah 112:1-4 are the “Touch Stone of Theology” in general and the final word on faith. In view of the above how can a Muslim “celebrate the faith of one another, ” if it is against the basic essence of Surah 112:1-4.
Muslims believe that all the Prophets and Messengers of God are Muslims including Jesus Christ (pbuh).Hence, there is no need to “Discover” who is a Muslim anew. It is for Christians to “Discover” who a Christian is. Muslims are not a hindrance to any community to define itself. We strive to keep the commandments of God, by whatever humble means at our disposal to attain salvation. If anyone is interested in salvation, we don`t treat them as “others”. We are always ready for a dialogue. Muslims believe that Jesus Christ, upon his second coming, will be severe on those, whose faith is in contradiction with the basic tenants of Islamic Monotheism .So we have no problem sharing spiritual riches with anyone based on the teachings of the Last and Final Testament.
Did God walk on this earth or do we have a life history of God to share God’s “experiences” with one another as the brother has suggested. .Regarding “Spirit of God,” refer to Romans ch: 8, where St.Paul says “if you are born again, the” spirit of God” comes in and tells you that God is your father. .Every evangelist and born again Christian thinks that spirit of God is inside him.
I feel that an attempt has been made by Bro.Edwin to distort the faith of Muslims. Instead of confusing himself and confusing Muslims with “spirit of God “, I suggest Bro.Edwin to take the help of “Spirit of Truth” i.e Prophet Muhammad, as exhorted by Jesus Christ (pbuh) in John 16:12.
Jalal Syed
[email protected]