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The write-up, “A Voyage Worth Celebrating” by Mr. Maqbool Ahmed Siraj (IV, Feb 2015) on the occasion of completion of 50 years of continuous publication by the Urdu daily “Salar” is a fine example of objective and impartial journalism. While the author has unreserved appreciation for all the good things that “Salar” represents, he does not hesitate to point out its drawbacks. However, this pointer is certainly not something which is penned by an arm chair critic, but a factual assessment by a sympathetic well-wisher who is aware of the constraints and ground realities. Even the suggestions given at the conclusion are not pontifical, but place the onus on both the management and the readers for bringing about a change. Being a regular reader of the “Salar”, I was much impressed with this beautiful assessment of the achievements and the pitfalls of this much loved newspaper; lucidly written in its entirety. Kudos to Mr. Maqbool Ahmed Siraj. Also wishing the best of the future for “Salar”.
Syed Tahsin Ahmed ( KAS) (retd.)
Maruthi HBCS layout,
B.T.M 1st stage, Bangalore- 560029.