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Indian Muslims are Playing with Fire

A Muslim Woman’s Kindness
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Betrayed by Tour Operators

Muslims in India have a permanent grievance with the government and the Police administration that their children are arrested and imprisoned. Muslims are completely destroying their next generation by playing into the hands of ‘conspiracy theorists’. Rather than accusing the government and the administration, it is better to pay attention to the education and etiquettes of our children and try to reform them. Muslims should try to make their children better individuals. I am not writing these things for my benefit. I am writing this because Islam teaches us to talk in a straightforward manner. Muslims need to leave the ‘conspiracy theory’ mindset and start preparing themselves for the coming days. Future always, by the grace of God carries better opportunities for communities. Muslims must create leadership qualities in them. They should be a community which contributes something to the society. They should change their houses into libraries and laboratories.
Mohammad Asif Reyaz, New Delhi