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The Oct 2023 issue of IV carries an article by Tahsin Ahmed titled “Value of Time”.

People who do not value time will end up as losers in their life. As you see around, we are witnessing the downfall and loss of glory that once belonged to the Muslim Ummah. The Muslim dominant areas come to life late at nightwith overindulgence in eatables. This goes on till the wee hours while other areas are quiet,and people are enjoying their night’s sleep. Sleeping very late, spells missing Fajar. We all know, Allah distributes Rizq at Fajar time. What are we doing? Sleeping. You snooze, you lose. When Allah clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran that “I have made days to go out and seek Rizq and nights to rest”. When humans violate Allah’s rules and go against nature, they are bound to lose.

The author very wisely explains how time management plays an important role in one’s life. A moment lost in life is a loss forever. Never to be seen again.Our youth are wasting their study time with phones and friends. Their meager appearance in higher and professional degrees is quite obvious. Our children lack the academic knowledge and courage to appear in government public competitive exams is the result of not valuing study time and wasting it onnon-productive activities.

This Article, well written by Tahsin Ahmed is an eye opener, both for the elderly and young. It is both a caution and a warning for Muslims to know the “Value of Time” and be successful in both Deen and Dunya.

Qazi Minhaj Azher ,
USA. .