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AAP and Muslims

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There is a discussion going on in the Muslim circles about why Muslims should support AAP (Aam Aadmi Party). Muslims are standing at the cross roads thinking, what role they can play in the forthcoming elections of 2014. On one hand, there is a Congress party and on the other hand, there is a fear in their minds that Modi is gaining popularity in this country to become the Prime Minister. Every day, we read newspapers with stories about AAP. Many felt it could become an alternative, but unfortunately till date, AAP has not addressed or even bothered to address the issues of minorities in the country. There is no representation of Muslims in Kejriwal’s government. Till date, no policy has been framed with regard to Agriculture, Finance, Industry, External Affairs or Foreign Policy. Nothing has been talked about the backward classes and the Dalits and not a single word has been said by the AAP about the inclusive growth of the country.
Mohd.Khaleequr Rahman, Hyderabad