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No Freedom to Sacrilege

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This refers to your editorial ‘No Freedom to Sacrilege’ Islamic Voice October 2012  issue). It is indeed regretful that Muslims take to the streets as soon as they hear any negative remarks about the Prophet, peace be upon him. In this 7-billion strong humanity, we cannot stop people thinking in adverse terms about anyone. There are umpteen number of people who simply cannot be stopped from airing their views through a variety of means on any topic, personality, and event. The right course for Muslims would be to turn the Prophet’s principles into institutions such as for educating, training and healing the illiterate and sick. Unfortunately, the community is dominated by very short-sighted leaders who are quick in rhetoric but short on action. Your edit has very rightly drawn the attention towards this deficiency. Tongue lashing against Islam will not cease unless people of the world feel benefitted by the followers of the Prophet.

Zohra Jabeen K.,