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Very Good Children’s Story!

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Thank you for publishing such a nice story by Syed Moinuddin in the April issue of IV. I hope the author will write more such stories so that people will be encouraged to admire, love and take care of animals, who, like us, are also creatures of God and who, therefore, deserve our love and compassion. One can serve God best by serving His creatures””both humans as well as others.
The young author seems to be a very compassionate and kind person. I appreciate his ability to draw spiritual lessons from the ‘events’ that the story describes, thus illustrating a very practical form of spirituality. May God guide and bless him abundantly! May he use his story-writing skills to help promote care and concern for animals as a way of serving God.
Unlike human beings, animals don’t fight and exploit others in the name of religion, caste, gender etc.. I hope we humans can learn at least that lesson from them!

Sahil Khan, Bangalore