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Best Wishes to Islamic Voice on Completing 30 Years

Very Good Children’s Story!
Fair Treatment for Unani Graduates
An Islamic Jurisprudence Centre

Congratulations on completing 30 years! May Allah give more success to the team at Islamic Voice.
[email protected].

May Allah grant you the resolve, resources and strength to continue on for much longer.
Madani Basha
[email protected]

Alhamdulillah on your achievement of 30 yrs. I have benefitted immensely from your articles and have also shared them many times with friends. I enjoyed most the inspirational stories for young people. May Allah bless you for your commitment and enable you to continue to serve Him in this most admirable manner.
Mehrun Rahaman.
[email protected]

Congratulations for 30 years of good work. Best of luck in the coming years. Thank you for sending me a copy.
Mushteri Oodally
[email protected]

Mashallah, by the grace of Allah, it is a great accomplishment and I pray to Allah Almighty to grant you success in this world and in hereafter for all your efforts for this Ummah.
Shadab, Hyderabad
[email protected]

Congratulations! May Allah shower his choicest blessings on you for the effort that you’ve put in to bring out this “monthly issue” month after month for 30 years. May the next 30 years (at least) also enable your team to continue the saga with the same zeal My Dua’s will always remain with people like you and your team, who are relentlessly involved in this Yeoman’s service to mankind.
Sheik F Raheem
[email protected]

Mabrook for successfully completing 30 years in the publication of Islamic Voice. Honestly, its a very proud moment and I wish the staff for their best efforts. May Allah bless you all with good health and more success.
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