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Similarities between Sikhism and Islam

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Thank you very much for publishing a review of an Urdu book on key Muslim figures in the Sikh religious tradition (in the April 2018 issue of Islamic Voice). Both being monotheistic religions, there are great similarities between Sikhism and Islam. There are many common points in the teachings of Muslim Sufis and the Sikh Gurus.
An interesting aspect in this regard are Guru Nanak’s utterances on what makes for a true Muslim, which are something that one can greatly benefit from (such as on p. 140 and 140 of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib). In his reflections on the Muslims, and others, of his times, Guru Nanak underscored the essential spiritual message of true religion, based on devotion to the Lord of the Universe and compassion for the Lord’s creation, while cautioning against dogmatism, empty formalism and soulless ritualism (which is something that has become common among many members of all religious communities, thus defeating the very purpose of religion).
D. Kothy