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A Community of Beggars

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This is with reference to the essay, ” Issues in upliftment of Muslims” and “Change or Perish” by Maqbool Ahmed Siraj in the July 2014 and August 2014 issues of Islamic Voice. On the basis of these essays, it can be concluded that the so called religious scholars are to be blamed for the backwardness of the community. If this life of the world is for the non-believers to excel in worldly affairs, then what is the status of Muslims? Either they are slaves or mendicants! And there does not seem to be any decline in the breed of beggars in our community. Obviously we are begging for various sops from the government, apart from reservation in jobs. This being the sorry state of the community, what sort of scientific inventions, discoveries, research or scholastic achievements can be expected from such a community?
If this world is a prison for a Muslim, obviously he leads a life of perdition, he is chained for life. What excellence can be expected from a prisoner who has been destined to a condemned existence after birth. Why cannot these so called scholars who sway the community, eliminate the polarization of the community which has been split into so many different sects?
Khaleel Ahamed, Tumkur