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An Icon for Budding Students

A Letter to My Hindu Brothers
An Appeal from Rampur

I read an inspiring write up about Ms. Ummul Kher in Islamic Voice of July 2017. I congratulate Ummul Kher a 28-year old Ph.D scholar from JNU for cracking the UPSC competitive exams successfully, in spite of all the adverse circumstances. She should be an icon for budding Muslim students, for winning the destination and defeating the disabilities. Let us send our best wishes to IAS topper, Ummul Kher and thank all those who helped her in reaching her goal. Islamic Voice publishes stories about many people doing good work for society and humanity and also carries appeals for medical patients. This inspires me also to serve a needy person. Islamic Voice can be facilitator for humanitarian causes. This is my humble suggestion. There are certain newspapers which have been publishing appeals for poor patients. I have been reading such appeals in The Hindu regularly. There are so many donors in India and abroad who are willing to help, but they don’t have reliable facilitators. So, for want of reliable facilitators, they hesitate to donate. Islamic Voice can publish such appeals (1 or 2) every month and can allow its platform for a humanitarian cause. Islamic Voice can save precious life by donating its precious space. Please think about this suggestion, with an earnest request to consider it sympathetically. Let me also confess that my role model is late Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi Saheb, an angel of humanity.

Farooq Abdulgafar Bawani
Rajkot, Gujarat, [email protected]