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By Firdos Tarannum
It was a busy day for me. I was heading towards my home when, all of a sudden, a girl stopped me. She seemed to be around 7 years old. She wished me with a handshake. Although I was tired and in a foul mood, I wished her back, putting on a fake smile. But her smile was so infectious that I brightened up. I gave her a piece of chocolate that I had with me.
Some days later, the girl came up to me, this time with a group of her friends. She wanted to show her friends that that I was the teacher who had shared with her a bit of chocolate! I was pleasantly surprised.
‘I will never forget you teacher’, the girl said. I knew that she said this not because of the chocolate as such but, rather, because of the smile I gave her while sharing the chocolate with her.
Till today, the girl comes to wish me with her brightest smile.
So, no matter what happens in our life and no matter how difficult things sometimes may seem to get, do please try to smile. It costs us nothing to share a little smile with others, while it benefits everyone around perhaps us the most!
(Firdos Tarannum is pursuing her degree course at SKDS College, Sindhanur, and also teaches at Holy Family School, Sindhanur)