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Congress Brainstorms over Loss of Muslim Vote

A Muslim Woman’s Kindness
Upliftment in the Hereafter

It was really amazing to read that the Congress party is planning to take some fresh measures to attract the minority community . While being in power for 15 long years, they did not bother to take any initiative for the progress, prosperity and development of the minorities. In their era, things like arresting innocent Muslim youth in false cases; killing Muslim youth in fake encounters and banning Muslim youth organizations happened. They did not implement the recommendations of Shri Krishna Commission report and did not make Muslim reservation for 15 years of their rule in the State, but at the last moment, to fool the community, an order of 5 % reservation was only announced, but not passed by the Assembly. So it was duly thrown out by the present government.
Atiq Khan,
Mumbra, [email protected]