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King Salman’s Extravagant Morocco Trip

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I have been receiving Islamic Voice Monthly regularly for which I am thankful to you. According to news published in a section of the Press, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman visited Morocco recently and the amount wasted by the Saudi King comes to $100m. He visited with an entourage of over 1000 people. Islam preaches simplicity. Islam prohibits unnecessary expenses. Even the State heads of United States of America and the United Kingdom and other developed countries do not spend such an enormous amount during annual break. The amount wasted by King Salman could have been utilised to help Rohingya Muslims, Ethiopian Muslims and the Muslims who are living in dire poverty. across the globe. The money wasted by King Salman could have been used for building science labs, Universities, colleges and for the upliftment and betterment of Muslims and other weaker sections of society. Has King Salman followed the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? It is my opinion, as a Muslim, that King Salman’s action is un-Islamic. I strongly condemn King Salman. Could you please join me in condemning the mighty and powerful King?

Farooq Abdul Gafar Bawani,
Rajkot (Gujarat), Ph: 9879188179,
[email protected]