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This is with reference to the question and answer in the June 2012 issue of Islamic Voice on “New Faction.” As a Tablighi member,
I agree with all the comments that, the Tablighi Jamaat is not a new faction and also that they have not invented any new version of Islam. But the question if the same can be effective in Mauritius, Florida or France stands to be answered. I went with the Jamaat to Mauritius, stayed for 110 days, sent Jamaats to China, Singapore and Thailand for four months. As of today, from the small city of Trichy, one Jamaat is working in Laos, Korea and Malaysia. The sermons delivered by Tablighi scholars in mosques have had very good impact on the masses. I request Mr Muneer who put forth the question in your paper, to go with the local Kashmir Jamaat and send his response to Islamic Voice.
Haji Dr S. Abdul Kasim