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Forbesganj Firing Inquiry

Need to Alter Priorities
Fasting is Part of the Indian Culture

It is two years since four innocent Muslims were killed in police firing in Forbesganj on June 3, 2011. The judicial commission set up by the State Government is yet to submit its report to the Government. The Commission headed by Justice Madhrendra Sharan has his office in Patna. Due to the lethargic pace of inquiry, police are coercing the witnesses and victims after the incident. In the past when Justice Uday Sinha was given the responsibility to inquire into Madhubani police firing, the Commission set up its office at Madhubani Circuit Office the very next day and pursued the investigation on a day to day basis and submitted it report within no time.
It is rather bizarre that while Justice Verma could submit its report on the rape incident in Delhi within three months, Babri Masjid inquiry commission took two decades. Such judicial lethargy undermines the very process of justice. How long should the people remain mute spectator to such double standards.
S. Haque, Patna