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Muslim World in the Woods

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The need of the hour for the Muslim world is introspection. This alone will help it come  out of the woods which they have got  themselves in. Much of the world is cursing the religion, Islam, which has been an abode of peace, brotherhood and equality.
Rather than leaving it to God, we Muslims have taken the task of imparting justice in our own hands, in every matter, whether it is supposed blasphemy by Christians and Hindus in Pakistan or of Americans through idiotic films like “The Innocence of Muslims”. We need to introspect, what the following Hadith says, “Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you”. It is not a tough task to know whether we are hurting anyone through our actions and deeds or not. Why does it seem that the whole world has nothing to do except
trying to harm the Muslim world? An average Muslim has come to believe that the whole world is against Islam and that Muslims are being mistreated by other faiths for no fault of theirs. The ‘conspiracy against Islam’ theory keeps doing rounds on every roundabout of Muslim localities, on every tea stall and virtually in every household. Conspiracy  theories of ‘Islam in danger’ have come to inhabit the hearts and minds of one and all. This has transformed Muslims, even in secular countries like India, into an entirely strange entity. It would help us immensely, if instead of pointing fingers at others as a matter of habit, we look within and introspect. There has to be a reason why the world is against us, considers us backward, uncivilized. Many of us may be afraid of introspection. Because  introspection shows us our true face whereas in our heart of hearts, we take ourselves to be very upright and pious. Introspection is not something to be afraid of. It makes the path of our life greener and brighter.