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The article, “Change or Perish” by Maqbool Ahmed Siraj in the August 2014 issue of Islamic Voice has been written at the right time when the activities of Muslims worldwide have reached the nadir of rational thinking. The misguided and over enthusiastic display of religion in an irrational manner has brought us shame. At every occasion, Muslims cry out that Islam is the religion of peace, but the reality is different. Instead of peace, we find that Islam is being used in bits and pieces, only theory without any substance. It is high time that we realize our shortcomings and bring this hypocrisy-based religious love to a full stop. When the world is trying to live and let live and is using rational and scientific mindset, we cannot continue to venture in an irrational manner. The article by Mr Siraj has to be read and introspected on by all right-thinking individuals who want the community to develop. Unless we attempt to live in the real sense of the religion using the Quran as a guide, with understanding, compassion, honesty, hard work, tolerance, and an attitude of pluralism, our survival is at stake. We need to live in the real world and get out of our ivory towers. The earlier we realize this, the better, it is for the whole mankind. Let us attempt to live, guided by the basic teachings of the Quran which endorses that Islam is an easy religion and hence make it easy for others to prevail in our midst.
M.U.Farooque, [email protected]