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Fair Treatment for Unani Graduates

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This is with reference to the inadequate representation of the Unani graduates in the government of India healthcare system, with particular reference to the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). It can be seen that out of 593 AYUSH medical officers working under NRHM in primary healthcare centres and central healthcare centres, only 24 are from the Unani discipline, as compared to 433 doctors from Ayurveda and 36 doctors from Homoeopathy. Out of 30 districts, there are no outdoor wings functioning in district general hospitals where Unani wings could have been readily established. At least 170 Unani graduates are passing out every year. The poor representation of Unani doctors is because this system is not treated on par with other systems like Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Homoeopathy. The Unani section of the Ayush Directorate is not even consulted while finalizing job placements by the NRHM, and most of the time, only Ayurvedic graduates are called for job interviews, leaving no opportunity for Unani graduates to prove their work. The Unani system of medicine which enjoys a pre-eminent status in India’s indigenous health care, rightly deserves the much needed support and encouragement, for its graduates to serve the nation.
U. T. Khadar