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For the past few months, I have been receiving Islamic Voice and have been pleasantly surprised to read about the progressive steps  being taken for the education and economic welfare of the Muslims of India. It is also heartening to read about the success of Muslim candidates in the competitive exams. There is no doubt that the presence of senior Muslim officers in our administrative services will  reduce the frustration which the majority of Muslims are prone to feel, because of the absence of their co-religionists in high positions.  I was surprised to read a letter in the June 2012 issue, which criticized Khushwant Singh for his anti-Muslim comments. Surely, the  editor is aware of the fearless way, Khushwant Singh has spoken about injustice to Muslims, and his untiring efforts to create cordial relations  between India and Pakistan over the past many decades. I doubt if it is a good policy to allow total freedom of expression to a contributor  to criticize. The editor must keep a close eye on such submissions. Readers must have seen in the press about a group of Muslims in  London who are attempting to modernize Islam. It will be interesting to follow their progress. Perhaps Islamic Voice can also join the  debate. Zafar Futehally, Bangalore.