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Mughal Emperors Respected other Faiths

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This has reference to Ayesha Abedeen’s letter about Muslim rulers of India, published in Islamic Voice of April 2014, under the heading ” Between Facts and Fabrications.” In this connection, startling new facts have come to light from the research done by Tarapande Mukherjee, Irfan Habib and B.N Pande on the “Firmans” of Mughal emperors, namely Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjehan and Aurangazeb. It was established by their research that these Mughal emperors had given land and monetary help by way of jagirs to Hindu temples of Mathura, Aritha and Varanasi for their maintenance. Dr Pande, in his research has claimed that it is wrong to accuse Aurangazeb of destroying Hindu temples. There is immense research work done to prove beyond doubt that Aurangazeb gave protection to the non-Muslims and respected their places of worship. More details can be obtained about this from the Indian Institute of Objective Studies in New Delhi.
Abdul Aziz Vohra, Anand (Gujarat)