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This has reference to Mustafa Akyol’s letter on Malaysian court verdict on use of word Allah (Islamic Voice, Nov. 2013)
It is true that Allah is the God of Muslims and Christians and for that matter the entire humanity, but when Christians refer to Jesus as the son of God, the confusion occurs. In the first place why should they use an Arabic term “Allah” for God in their English writings about the religion when the word God is readily available in English language? This is solely done to create impression in the minds of gullible Muslims that Allah does have a son, which is not the case.
You then may ask as to why Muslims in non-Arab countries use the world Allah for God although they do not speak Arabic. The reason is simple. There does not exist a word for God in their respective languages with the unique, specific and exclusive characteristics and connotation which is the case with the word Allah in Arabic.
The word Allah has some very unique connotations. One of the attributes of Allah is that He begets not, nor is the begotten. The Christian believe that God does have a son. Quran vehemently rejects this. Also the Islamic belief of Allah having no partners is in clear conflict of the Christian belief of Trinity.
As for the pre-Islamic Arabs and Arab-Christians referring to God as Allah, have they not been rapped and repeatedly admonished by Allah in the Quran for their obvious distortion of true belief? Let alone Arab Christians, even their modern day counterparts of European variety, who boast of their highly advanced intellectual achievement, have not been able to explain or solve the basic Christian belief namely “there one and one is three”.
Abdulaziz Vohra,
Bhalej Road, Anand (Gujarat)