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Lack of Awareness: Bane of the Community

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Today, Muslims are beset with myriads of problems all across the world. In the face of such enormous challenges, it is the duty of Muslims to rise from their slothful ease and do their bit for the betterment of their community. What we as enlightened Muslims can do in the face of communal frenzy is to build up an ethos of peace and brotherhood. We must strengthen our educational base and promote awareness of importance of knowledge and professional skills. For, intellectual attainments are an inexhaustible resource in times of misery and adversity. There is an urgent need to improve the educational profile of our community by making quality education accessible to everyone in the community. Our educational institutions must be equipped with the best of facilities and competent faculty to give them an edge of excellence. The Quran exhorts us ponder over the creation of heavens and earth the world. Islam urges us to engage in research and explore. Lack of awareness is the bane of our community, and it is only through knowledge that we can overcome the adversities that beset us, for it is in moments of intellectual struggle and creative accomplishments that we come (to use a phrase from T. S. Eliot) ‘nearest to being real’.
Syed H. Hashmi
[email protected], Bangalore