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Learning From Others

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I appreciate the efforts of Islamic Voice to promote good relations between different religious communities and to encourage Muslims to learn good things from others. Gaining wisdom from anywhere and from anyone is something Muslims ought to learn if they wish to contribute positively to the nation and the world. One’s behaviour is one of the most important indicators of who and what we really are. Kindness and compassion are something we all need to learn from. What is important in God’s eyes is what sort of person one is. Kindness and goodness aren’t a monopoly of any community, and Muslims should be willing to appreciate and learn from the kindness and goodness among people of other faiths and ideological persuasions. God is not the monopoly of any one religion or community. God is the God of the whole universe and of all people and all other beings. One should willingly recognise the goodness in others and make every effort to work with them for the greater good.

Noori Shahnawaz,