Tragedy of Muslims

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Tragedy of Muslims

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The Muslim community’s tragedy is that our political strategy is dictated not by the intellectuals and not by the Ulemas but by illiterates, semi-literates, and greedy Muslims. Ulemas only give lectures without action, and educated intellectuals discuss only how much more salary they can get and which multinational company. Common Muslims are interested only in day-to-day earnings. Things are going from bad to worst nowadays, but nothing seems to move us to think of sitting and discussing the problems and finding ways to solve them. If any person or organization takes the initiative, he is discouraged by not joining in more numbers. We neither take the initiative nor support those who take the initiative. So, we are bound to undergo the difficulties coming every day and disturbing our peace. I think we deserve what we are getting. Most of our officers with lots of knowledge and experience vanish in thin air after retirement. Instead of leading the community, they spend time earning and playing with their grandchildren. We are not waking up even when the horn is sounding loud. Mr. Shamshul Huda (late )was quite right when he said that Muslims would not wake up till problems and tragedies do not visit the houses of each Muslim, and he is not beaten left and right. We are not in the habit of deciding things in advance but waiting for the Govt to interfere, as happened in the case of triple talaq and azan, and then we start agitating and criticizing. I do not understand what more tragedies we are expecting for us to sit and think and take corrective measures. We are living in secular India and not in any Muslim country. If you fail to awaken, illiterates and emotional Muslims will impose their views on you and create more problems.
Md Zahir ul Haq
Social Worker, Mysore….

Every word is with agony and pain, but it is the truth.
We Muslims ( each one of us) must come out of our comfort zones, put our heads together, and patiently discuss with open minds. By spending a few hours on the quality discussion on tackling our problems and praying to Allah almighty.
We will be doing an excellent service to our community.
But we must venture out for meetings/discussions and deliberations with right-thinking persons and strive to find solutions to our problems.
Allah Almighty will bless us with guidance and wisdom.
Ghulam Ghouse

We indeed keep taking pride in saying the number of Muslims in India is more than the total population of Pakistan and Islam is the fastest growing religion globally.
Both types of leadership are failing this large (in numbers)community.
1. The Ulemas (Religious) and
2. The Socio-Political-Intellectual Group
Both the groups live in water-tight compartments, and they have low opinions about each other.
While the first group(divided into different schools of thought among themselves)claims the Custodianship of Religious matters like talaq, halala, hijab, crescent sighting, azan, and the likes by issuing different FATWAS based less on critical thinking, they also belittle the second group saying that they don’t know the Arabic language. When legal and societal issues crop up, the second group having varied political and religious affiliations, won’t see eye to eye with one another, forming their individualistic zinger groups excluding Ulemas. Also, groups 1 & 2 do not take a sane and equitable stand unitedly. These groups seldom meet on the same platform to discuss issues of critical importance and beneficial to the community. It’s rightly pointed out here that they may rise when the danger knocks on their individual doors. I think now that situation is not just knocking on the doors but also peeping through windows and arriving in the full public gaze.
Every day a new issue is being raised against Muslims to beat and thrash us, breaking the very backbone, leading to an economic breakdown. Non-Muslims are being told not to trade with Muslims even for daily needs like vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. Already there’s a call not to travel in the autos and taxis driven by Muslims, and Muslim drivers in private cars may lose the chance to drive others’ cars and lorries.
It’s time to call OUR meeting to discuss, decide and take the matter to people like CM, Governor for a solution to the vicious environment created by self-proclaimed groups. If not acting promptly, the situation may be like the “men of the cave.”
Malik Ingalgi.