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A Letter to my Muslim Brothers and Sisters
A Rejoinder from Joel Hayward

Very Thoughtful Article
I am grateful to Nigar and Islamic Voice for introducing us to Ravi Melwani through her article, “Value Life, Make a Difference” in Islamic Voice, October 2012. Ravi Melwani’s practical and positive thinking will encourage people who are under the shadow of negativity about life. It is admirable that Melwani is not only a successful businessman, but also has penned so many books. The very purpose of the life of Ravi Melwani is covered in this couplet, “Darde Dil Ke Vaste Paida Kiya Insaan Ko, Varna Taet Ke Liye Kuch Kam Na the Karrobiyan.”
My respects to all at Islamic Voice for bringing out this thoughtful article.
Kazi Mohammad Ayub
Shehar Khateeb and Pesh Imam
Shahi Ikminara Masjid

New Magazine
We are pleased to contact you and share with you the 14th issue of Globalia Magazine, published from Berlin. As the name suggests, Globalia aims to provide orientation and discernment in a global world, marked by enormous amounts of information and dramatic changes. Since January 2008, Globalia has been distributed quarterly and free of charge to VIPs, influential leaders and business persons from the Muslim communities in European countries, as well as organizations and business-people all over the world. We also supply wholesalers in various communities, mosques and organizations. If you wish to receive the hard copy of the magazine, please write to us with your postal address. Mr. Abu Bakar Rieger is our chief editor.
Sulaiman Wilms
IZ Medien GmbH
GLOBALIA Magazine, Berlin
Tel.: 0049-30-24048974
Mobile: 0049-179-9678018

Training for Doctors
After a very successful program on Hijamah(Cupping), Centre for Islamic Studies will be conducting, ‘Train The Doctors for Hijamah’ program. This practical training session will be conducted exclusively for medical doctors, men and women, on 29th November, 2012 at 4.30 pm, at CIS Bangalore, by Dr Shaheed Muhammed. Interested doctors may contact Zubair for more information. [email protected], 9945144771. .
Abu Maryam Zubair
Ibn Hamza
CIS (Centre for Islamic Studies)

Alone in Her Jihad
It takes a lot of courage and undaunted spirit to start a struggle against a monstrous group like the Taliban at the tender age of eleven. It was three years ago that Malala Yousufzai announced her fight against the Taliban at the Peshawar Press Club. She had boldly said to the press, “God and our Prophet (Pbuh) have bestowed me with the right to education. Why then are they hell-bent on robbing me of my right that has been guaranteed to me by my God and the Prophet”. In any other society, a girl like Malala would have received the support of the whole nation irrespective of the political and religious affiliations of its people. But in Pakistan, she feels alone in her jihad against the enemies of learning and knowledge, the Taliban. Worse, some so called scholars have supported the Taliban in a veiled way warning the government against a crackdown after the attack on Malala.
Abdul Shahin, New Delhi