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Muslims Invisible in the Political Arena

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Lack of Awareness: Bane of the Community
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There are some fanatics in Paris. Fanaticism and radicalization are the causes of an unjust environment created by our global society. What happened in North Carolina? What are we going to call it? I would like to draw our attention towards the American Muslims and their responsibilities. Individually, a good number of us have gained success in our life in the United States. However we have failed to transform these achievements into a collective advancement for the American Muslims. I understand that there are over 3000 Islamic Centers in the United States. Do we see any impact in the American society like Churches and Synagogues? There are some civil rights Muslim organizations who are doing a good job. On the political front, we are almost invisible in the corridors of Washington D.C., arena. In the month of February, 2014, we tried to rejuvenate the Muslim community of Southern California, investing good amount of time and money with the help of some local brothers. The response was very mute. The Muslims in America have bigger responsibility to lead the Muslims in the United States and Europe.
Syed Mahmood, United States of America
[email protected]