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Muslims Today Have a Shaky Understanding of Islam

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Unquestionable loyalty to charismatic personalities- is always harmful eventually. Now, the question is, whom do we find ‘Charismatic’ ? According to my experiences, it differs, depending on which stage you are in and the age too : Our Parents, Our Friends, Celebrities, Our Peer Group ( including cousins, friends, social media unknowns etc) Our Colleagues, Our Spouse, Our Family, Our Colleagues-cum-Friends and age 46 onwards- ourselves! The next question is, what do we mean by ‘Unquestionable’? If we analyse, in each of the stages mentioned and the major influences in that particular stage, most of us were ‘Blind Followers’- with or without any “Tangible Coercion”. In the initial phase, we look up to our parents who in turn cite contemporary examples( both familial and non-familial) about people who have been put on a pedestal for their so-called success ! Then we grow up and start finding “Unacceptable Fundamental Flaws” and that leaves us uncomfortable.
In the next phase, we start leaning towards our cousins, friends, celebrities and social media unknowns- attracted by their flamboyant presentation of irrelevant, hopelessly impractical and essentially flawed knowledge about everything ranging from life to the metaphysics ! Then we start thinking and that leaves us with many unanswered questions and incomplete conclusions. We enter the next phase charged with our opinions- white and black, with very little areas of grey. Here we start making others question our choices. Then we reach a phase where we indulge in liberality- in all aspects and thereby in the process harm the saplings under our shade. Finally we reach the stage where we see the world with our very personalised filter and there is no room for any kind of allegiance- now we are open to debates.
This is what is actually happening to the Muslims of today.
We, as parents do not realize the tremendous responsibility we have with respect to the upbringing of our kids.
This is why they have a very shaky understanding of Islam in its totality and hence they don’t have a wholesome approach when it comes to living life according to the precepts of Islam. This gives rise to a ‘Concocted’ beliefs and practices which has two very negative effects- You are making wrong choices and thus portraying a warped image of Islam and secondly, you are setting a wrong trend and this is being adopted blindly by the other ignorant Muslims. Its high time we turn back to the Quran and Hadith and try to become something more than a Muslim- that is, a courageous and confident believer.

Maria Yahya
([email protected])