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Apropos the article “In Search of a Leader” by Mr. Syed Tahsin Ahmed in the Islamic Voice (July 2022). Good to see that the efforts made by Vision Karnataka headed by Mr. Gulame Ghouse to implement the concept of Collective Leadership is being written about. It would be good for the community if this article is translated and published in Urdu newspapers. I beg Allah to bless and grant success to all efforts being made in this direction.
Mohammed Jafari,

Read the article “In Search of a Leader” by Mr. Syed Tahsin Ahmed in the Islamic Voice (July 2022) with interest. The concept of Collective Leadership mooted by Mr. Gulame Ghouse and the suggestions given by the author of the article Mr. Tahsin Ahmed is very practical. I hope an initiative must have been taken in Bangalore city in this direction. As usual, there may be some critics who may oppose this idea. They should be asked to present a better alternative that should be practical and achievable. Until then they should follow the road map proposed. With experience, improvements are sure to come. If one city successfully implements this concept, it may become an example for other cities to follow as well. Thanks for publishing this article which is an eye opener.
Mohammed Ilyas,

It is an important and pertinent topic under present acrid conditions and vitiated atmosphere. It can be very easily seen and felt that the largest minority is drifting like a rudderless boat aimlessly, at the mercy of unfriendly waves.
The writer has aptly pointed out that lack of leadership is an issue. The leaders are not going to descend from the skies. We have to generate them from within the community.
No doubt there is a dearth of leadership in minority community as suggested by the writer at both the Political level and Religious levels. The so-called political leaders don’t have the maturity and understanding of the application and implication of the religious aspects with truth and honesty in politics. Similarly, the religious leadership is ignorant about dirty politics and therefore bursts out with wrong reactions and suggestions.
I agree with the writer that bringing up leadership has become a huge challenge and it is the need of the hour. Working in small groups under the intellectuals could be very well laced with guidance and may produce positive results. Collective leadership has its own merits that give different factions to mingle and understand each other better. The broken trust is creating havoc in the minority community and it has become a boon for biased and bigoted people to win the elections in a great country like India.
I thank the writer to raise such an important issue, explaining the problems, and providing the solutions.
Qazi Minhaj Azher,