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A Letter to My Hindu Brothers

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Dear Friends,
I read in Islamic Voice (October 2015 issue) about your brotherhood with Muslims. Due to the shortage of the space for Bakrid prayers in the mosque, the Muslims in Mumbai were worried. And you our dear brothers allowed the prayers in your Ganesha Pandal, which was a very touching gesture and which has inspired many Muslims across India a lot and also made us feel proud of us being Indians, where people are not divided by religions. What you did was not an ordinary thing. It needed a big and clean heart. It is also so good that you got to know the importance of the Eid prayers, and let the Muslims to offer it in your Pandal. My respect for my Hindu brothers has increased by hundreds and thousands of times higher after your very noble gesture. A special thanks to all Hindu brothers and sisters for allowing prayers in your Pandal.
Rasheedur Rahman Shihab
[email protected]