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Ban Triple Talaq

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I am a very old subscriber of Islamic Voice. For the last few months, the issue about triple talaq is going around in the media. It is a tragedy that many Muslims do not know about the proper procedure of initiating the talaq. In the Quran, it is not mentioned that a man can give three talaqs in one sitting. The Muslim Personal Law Board and the clerics should put a stop to this practice of triple talaq. In his last sermon, Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said: ” I am leaving two things behind me, one is the book of Allah and the second is the sunnah, if you follow them, you will not go astray.” Are Muslims really following what is written in the Quran and the sunnah of the Prophet? Triple talaq is very problematic,c as these days , neither the father or the brother take care of the divorced girl. There are thousands of Muslim divorce cases pending in the Indian courts. I think talaq should be the last resort, after very effort of reconciliation has failed and then it should be given as per the law laid down by God in the Quran.

Sadiq Shaikh
Gangadham Chowk