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Reflections on “Beggary and Muslims” Article
Dear Editor,

I wanted to express my gratitude for featuring Tahsin Ahmed’s insightful article titled “Beggary and Muslims”in the April 2024 issue of IV. Ahmed’s exploration of the various factors contributing to begging within the Muslim community sheds much-needed light on this complex issue.

One aspect that particularly resonated with me was Ahmed’s emphasis on the prevalence of begging in larger cities and public religious places, especially during religious events. His observations about both genuine need and false pretenses among beggars underscore the need for a nuanced understanding of this phenomenon.

Furthermore, Ahmed’s discussion on potential remedies, including rectifying community attitudes towards the poor and emphasizing the importance of Zakat, offers practical insights into addressing this societal challenge. By highlighting Islam’s stance on begging as a shameful act unless one is truly in need, Ahmed prompts readers to reflect on the ethical dimensions of charity and compassion.

As a reader, I appreciate the opportunity to engage with such thought-provoking content that not only informs but also inspires action and reflection. I look forward to reading more articles of similar depth and relevance in future issues of IV.

Qazi Minhaj Azher,


Regarding the article “Beggary and Muslims” published in the April 2024 issue of Islamic Voice by Syed Tahsin Ahmed, it indeed provokes thought by emphasizing the Islamic obligation for Muslims to allocate 2.5% of their accumulated wealth as zakat. However, the challenge lies in the execution of this principle, leading to a concerning rise in the number of beggars in our society. The author sheds light on the escalating issue of beggary, which is encroaching upon our daily lives.

In reference to the article “Let’s talk about Gaslighting” featured in Islamic Voice’s April 2024 issue by Sana Rubiyana, it brings attention to the emerging psychological issue infiltrating our society. It’s imperative to address this problem early in life, especially among the youth. It would be beneficial for the author to explore the neurological aspects responsible for this behavior and identify the brain chemicals associated with it.

A. Kaja Nazimudeen
Tirunelveli district .


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Chennai .