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Wonderful Practice: Thank You Islamic Voice

Thought-Provoking Pieces
An Appeal from Rampur

Thank you very much for publishing a wonderful article by Swami Muktananda ji in the June 2017 issue of IV. The Swamiji has shared great wisdom with us. I agree entirely with what he says about the value dimension of education.
There are wise people in every religious community, and there is much wisdom to be found in every religious tradition. Wisdom and Truth are universal, though they may be expressed in different languages and forms. We should be very receptive to the goodness in every person and religion, from which we all can benefit greatly, and I hope IV will continue this wonderful practice of publishing articles by people from different faith traditions.
Thank you for that lovely story, “Sand and Stone” by Fatima Khan! Please continue to publish value-based stories by young people. Fatima, please continue to write, and may God bless you by making you a channel to share wisdom with many others.