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Sir, It is good to restart the magazine. But considering the changing demographics of the readers, please make it digital-only. That will save you operational costs and keep the magazine alive long after we are gone. Also, you could follow the Readers digest model where the best articles of other magazines are reprinted in one place to benefit the readers.
Nawaz Ahmed.


Sir, recently, in ‘Siasat Newspaper’ my uncle gave an advertisement for second marriage as he lost his wife last year. He received hundreds of proposals in two days. But it was extremely shocking and sad that 99% of proposals came from girls who took khula from their previous marriage and all of them were highly qualified girls. Some being Postgraduates, MBBS, M.Tech, B.Tech, B.Ed, M.Ed, etc. Not a single proposal came from uneducated girls. Wonder why this is happening! Girls are taking khula within a year of marriage. Is this the impact of education? Is being highly educated making them ultimately incompatible for marriage. And marrying someone who is beneath them in terms of educational credentials leads to ego clashes. Some of these girls were single after seven, some five, and some three years of khula. It’s highly pathetic that this is happening in Muslim society; why are our young generation impatient? Why isn’t there mutual understanding in marriages these days? Why are decisions taken in so much haste? I guess alliances primarily break due to insufficient knowledge of our religion. This religion teaches one to be forbearing, have self-control, and endorses that a divorce should be the last option. In case of discrepancies as it’s a halal act which Allah (swt) dislikes the most. Parents’ role to raise their kids Islamically to protect our younger generation from falling prey to such whims and fancies. Also, the sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) should be imbibed right from childhood.
As received


Sir, Read an article under the heading “Relevance of Maulana Azad’s Understanding of Unity of Deen” by Mr. K. Rehman Khan in the June-2021 issue of Islamic Voice. Maulana Azad was not pro-Muslim. He was a stooge of the Brahminical lobby. This lobby was using his Muslim name and honorific title of Maulana to mislead the Muslims, and such namesake Muslims have done more harm to Muslims. He was given a ministership for his anti-Muslim stand throughout his life. Islamic Voice has wasted precious space by publishing an article about such shoe polishers.
Farooq Abdul Gafar
Rajkot, Gujarat