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Reflections on Palestine

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By Mureeda Kara

This was my thoughts as I sat down in the plane to come home. Palestine is a mubarak land. It has at its heart the most amazing spirit. The eras and erasers gone by have either left the indelible ring of time or been swallowed up by the earth. Shaken to the core of what humanity is capable of. I stir slowly inside, towards the soul of my being. What was it that touched my being? What made the fireflies inside of me, want to escape and give light? Shepherding through the narrow alleyways of Jerusalem, living in the valley of Qira, roaming with eyes of a tourist through Jericho and the Jordan Valley.
There was spiritual enlightenment along the way. This was the crossroads of all who came through the path of our father Abraham (AS). The lineage of the strong and prevalent. Palestine..what have we done? Palestine, while I can smell you, I can feel you, I can no longer see you as you ought to be seen.
Palestine, you will live and survive. Palestine, you have the ability to live, even in isolation.