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For me as a writer and poet, my self time is one of the best times
where I not just discover ideas, but also connect with nature.

By Cyma Khan
Remember when the last time was when you went inside the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea or coffee for yourself and sat peacefully along with your own company? Many a times we find ourselves acting ridiculously, our own reflection would put us in a state where we would question our thoughts and actions.
But that’s a situation where we should be thankful to God to be in. And if we patiently observe, then that could be the ideal situation to eliminate our negative aspects and build a superior personality than it was before.
We convince ourselves that we barely have “self” time amidst a tight schedule. But in order to meet our responsibilities towards other people and our work we fail to give importance to our own self.
Self Time
It is important to spend time with our loved ones, but it is equally important to spend quality time with our self. This is not selfishness. For me as a writer and poet, my self time is one of the best times where I not just discover ideas but also connect with nature. A small walk under the sky, sitting quietly in the garden and observing the nature around me, reflecting and learning from what I see, brings peace of mind that no amusement park or Sunday holiday brings.
It is often heard from people with high intellect and wisdom that they prefer solitude and seclusion from the social world. A healthy mind is built through reflecting one’s own actions. This era we are living in is the era of technology. We are accompanied by our smartphones and computers with the availability of Internet 24 hours a day, and somehow we have left behind our own self.
Health Benefits of Solitude
There are scientifically proven health benefits of solitude, from increasing empathy to building creativity. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) often he used to seclude himself in a cave to reflect and worship.
The time spent in seclusion can be time spent with our Creator. This is the most perfect time when a believer is alone in the remembrance of God, which brings the ultimate peaceful change in one’s heart and personality. We impact people positively. When our own self is not sound, then negativity within us influences others around us negatively. So it is always good to practise solitude at least for a few hours every day in remembrance of God to be blessed with positivity within us.
(The writer is based in Kolkata)