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I have been a regular reader of Islamic Voice for the past 20 years. I find almost all the contents (except enhance your word power) very informative and interesting. I like the stories about the good work people are doing in the educational and social field for the betterment of the status of humanity. These stories cannot be found in any other English newspaper. These positive stories will encourage those who are doing the good work and will also inspire many others to take up this type of noble initiatives. I would like to suggest that the editorial team should also cover non-political developments in the field of education and social issues, in many Muslim countries too, apart from in India. I was so glad to know that in Afghanistan, a university, only for women, has opened in May 2016.
I also suggest that you could also increase the number of pages in Islamic Voice to cover many other things and also increase the price of the copy reasonably and also ascertain the response of your readers and subscribers by publishing an appeal in Islamic Voice to co-operate with the price increase.
Sultan Ahmed
Chartered Accountant
Dr A.M .O. Gani Road, Kolkata-700017