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Many thanks for sending Islamic Voice issues of June and September 2015 which I received in October 2015. I think the delay was due to the negligence of the postal department. The Islamic Voice issues before and during Ramadan are very informative, as you publish many appeals from various organizations and also give a detailed account of their activities. It gives me lot of pleasure to read this. I have been reading Islamic Voice since 1987 and have not missed a single issue. Unfortunately there is no agent in Kolkata from whom I can buy this paper. While going through the October 2015 issue of Islamic Voice, I was very delighted to note that one person from Murshidabad has set up several schools for the upliftment of the community. A similar story was also published in Telegraph of Kolkata recently about a person who was unable to continue his studies because of financial constrains, but yet set up an English medium school at Tikyapar in Kolkata. Such inspiring stories give readers lots of joy and happiness.
Sultan Ahmed
Dr A.M.O Gani Road, Kolkata