Global Achievements of the Prophet  in a Short Period


Global Achievements of the Prophet in a Short Period

Islam Never Supports Religious Intolerance
God did not Create Anything in Vain
Taleem Aur Tarbiyath (Education and Training)

One of the renowned American philosophers and historians namely Alfred Martin says: “Muhammad (PBUH)
rendered invaluable service not only to Arabia but also to the entire world.”
(The Great Religious Teacher of the East)

Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him!) has been sent as Allah’s Last Messenger and Prophet for the whole universe. Along with Prophet-hood as well as Messenger-hood, he, as the great reformer, made a wonderful change with his good morals, modest impeccability, and wisdom by launching a very stout campaign and strong social movement in the Arab civilization, regarded as the regions of ignorance at that time. And not only this, expanding the circumferences of the sweet-smelling spirits based on human fraternity, he introduced the amazing practical aspects of the political, social, economic, and moral values of the social life of that contemporary age because of on the soil of Arabian Peninsula, rose a new sun of peace, harmony, and prosperity after the monotheistic completion of beliefs, deeds, and moralities. This rectifying reformation has perpetually been in continuation from generation to generation. The great work, for the sake of humanity, which the world’s famed great reformers, guides, leaders, etc. could not do in their lifetime, Allah’s last Messenger, Mohammad (Pbuh) did in the tenure of 23 years.

Arabians’ Conditions Before Advent of Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh)

‘Arab nations and tribes were divided into three parts.

Arab Bayadah were putrefied many years before Islam such as Âd, Thamûd, Jarhum, ‘Amaleqa and Judais.

‘Arab Aaryah who were the original inhabitants of Arab and whose living place (residence) was Yemen; they were Qada, Kehlân, and Âzd, and Arab Musta’arba, the descendants of Banu Ismail in Hejaz were called Banu Adnanand Banu Qehtan (Children of Adnan and Qehtan. In addition to it, Jews were also living in the regions, but their political situation was critical, and they were the victim of anarchy, only the administration was based on tribal systems in which chiefs were called Sheikhs who were authorized to take decisions about rights and wrong. They were so biased, arrogant, and extremely warriors that the wars continued between tribes from generation to generation. They didn’t have their systematic populations; in fact, they were vagabonds or gypsies wandering from place to place. Their economy was based on agriculture, cattle, and trade. The Jews living in those regions had spread a wide net of work of their businesses based on interest and bribery; they were inferiors in categories on ethical and social grounds. Murdering, looting passersby, theft, drinking wines, abusing, and raping, etc. were the order of the day, and such heinous acts were so customized that after the death of the father, the mother was divided like property and then she would become the destiny of her elder son; there were expositions of private parts of physical bodies in composing poems. They nakedly performed Umrah around Kaabah, and buried daughters alive, on religious grounds they were idolaters and stars-worshiper, some were also followers of Christianity, Judaism, Magianism, Paganism, and the major religion of the time, Maids and stewards were also passing through critical situations, animals were also tortured with utmost cruelties, and the flesh of living animals was cruelly cut hurting them with swords, disturbances were uselessly produced in ecological systems by cutting trees without reasons. The centuries of depravity lost, perpetuated misguidance, and from which the reproduction of ignorance continued. In other words, we may conclude that the evils prevailing in societies for a long period of centuries, ignorance and wickedness, etc. being customized in all corners were the order of the day for polluting human environments with the dust of badness. But the critical situations changed after the advent of Allah’s Messenger, Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh).

Undeniable Achievements by the Prophet (Pbuh)
He, Mohammad Sallallahu ‘AlaihiWasallam, within a short period of 23 years, trained the ignorant Bedouin world of Arabs with a revealed civilized culture, guided them with wisdom as well as the correct pulse-recognition, knowledge of mode, accurate knowledge of situations, rhetoric, style of speech, etiquette, gentleness and tolerance and gradual principles. As a result, the same ignorant Bedouins who were wrapped in wrappers of evils became the rulers of the world; in other words, the idolaters or idol-worshippers embraced Monotheism in place of worshipping idols.

In a nutshell, it will be recalled that Mohammad (Pbuh) under the commands of Allah, brought humanity in the right direction specialized by Allah for mankind on earth. He (Allah’s Messenger) turned the apathetic and dead-tempered brains into a living nation – – – – turned Prejudice and tribalism into the relationship of fraternity- – – – taught well-mannered discipline to the thieves and robbers – – – – made people of surroundings the experts in world-affairs – – – – taught disciplinary manners with cultures of shame and modestly graced the gamblers, wine drinkers, alcohol users, and adulterers – – – – honored in all respectable manners to relations of mother, sister, daughter, wife, etc….. By decorating ignorant Bedouin with ornaments of knowledgeable education and practicality, advocating for the rights of slaves, concubines, and even animals, and teaching the manners of the development of environmental beauty to all the peoples of the region, Allah’s Messenger, Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) decorated them with the equipment of bonafide appearances and survivals up to the day of resurrection.