A Disabled Child Who Became the Voice of Disabled Children!

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A Disabled Child Who Became the Voice of Disabled Children!

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This is the story of a child who was diagnosed with a brain disease at the age of two that changed his life. By the time he reached the age of eight, he was so affected by this dangerous disease that he was now considered among disabled children. Tourette Syndrome, severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD),and Aspergers Syndrome (ASP – a spectrum Autism Disorder), such dangerous diseases were inflicted on him. All these diseases affect the parts of the brain due to which the human nervous system is affected. He cannot move properly, and he has no control over his voice, his limbs, and his movements, due to which he makes various sounds, repeats the same movements, and is restless. Such children have great difficulty in reading, writing, and interacting with others.

When he grew up, his parents admitted him to a small school so that children would not disturb him. But the other kids in the school would bother him, make fun of him, and tease him in various ways, all these kids would do in fun, this is called bullying or ragging. He would be very sad when he flew. One day he decided that he must do something so that what happened to him should not happen to another child. Instead of being sad and giving up at that young age, he decided to raise his voice for all other disabled children and make the children and people understand that they are worried about such disabled children because of their disability. Don’t, but respect them. And the practice of ragging and disturbing each other child should be abolished in the school.

First, he opened and worked on a website with his mother, Robyn Arnold, against bullying at school. He then went to other schools and taught the children how to behave with their friends at school and how to avoid disturbing each other.

He owns his website at https://www.jaylenschallenge.org

After months of being bullied by other kids, I decided I had to do something about people not bothering each other and respecting each other. When I was eight years old, I decided that one day I would be on YouTube and on television and broadcast this message: The practice of ragging and disturbing each other’s children in schools must stop.

After a short period, he established a foundation named Jaylens Challenge Foundation. With the platform of this foundation, he launched a campaign against harassment of children with special needs in class and school in every state of America. He also released a bracelet that reads: No one will bother him at school anymore. He worked hard for many years, and his hard work paid off. His voice was heard all over America. So far, he has trained more than 100,000 children through his program in many schools no child should be disturbed in school because of his disability or color or caste or any other reason but everyone should be equal to others. Should be respected.

The child’s name is Jaylen Arnold, who is now 30 years old and has become famous all over the world for this good deed. Jaylenhas also received several awards for her unique campaign. His success can be gauged from the fact that Jaylen is the first American citizen to receive the Diana Legacy Award from a British prince. He has been involved in many documentaries. He has given speeches in many countries of the world. He has spoken and shared the stage with many big stars in Hollywood. Her bracelet has been endorsed by many Hollywood celebrities by wearing it on their hands.

There is a command in the Qur’an, “La Yasakhr Qum Min Qum Asi InYakunwa Khaira Manham”. Let no nation of you mock another nation, perhaps they are better than them. And this is true for Jaylen, who was teased, teased, and bullied by other kids because of his disability, today he has become the voice of disabled children all over the world because of her positive thinking and constant hard work. He has also written a book that provides an excellent guideline in detail on how to treat children with disabilities and how to provide them with a good environment. And which has been implemented by many schools in the world.