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Tral (Kashmir): Setting an example of communal harmony, Muslims in this South Kashmir town rescued an elderly Sikh man when a cloud burst triggered flash floods in a local stream submerging vast areas recently. Janak Singh, a retired government employee, resident of Saimoh Tral was stranded in the centre of the stream at Rathsuna Village, when water level suddenly increased there due to cloud burst in upper reaches of Nagbal area of the tehsil. The stranded person was loudly calling people for help, after water surrounded him from all sides. As soon as the news about the stranded Janak Singh reached his native village, one of the Muslim boys there announced it on a mosque loudspeaker. Soon a large number of people came out of their houses and rushed to Rathsuna to rescue Janak Singh. Finally he was safely taken out from the gushing waters after several attempts. The same day, a number of youth from the Sikh community did a commendable job too when they came out to help Muslim neighbours in Nagbal village. 
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