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Egyptian Girl Raises Money for Man with Face Deformity
A young Egyptian with a face deformity will soon undergo a surgery to repair a nerve after a young girl named Malk helped collect funds for him via social media. Bullied for most of his life, and referred to as “the man with the strange face” and the “scary kid,” Mohammed Adel, 19 years old, who lives in Giza, south of Cairo, says that when he was six years old, a tumor appeared on his face. When it grew bigger, they went to the doctor who said the tumor was due to a thyroid problem, and a surgery was necessary. However, after the surgery was performed, Adel’s face was deformed. They later learnt that the deformation was due to a medical mistake as the doctor cut a nerve. Six surgeries were then performed to fix the deformity, but they all failed. Adel was bullied; people poked fun at his looks, and he left school and began to work to help his mother and siblings. He had given up on the idea of ever undergoing a surgery to repair the nerve and to get plastic surgery as both operations would cost 200,000 Egyptian pounds. However, everything is about to change now after he met Malk who posted a picture of him on social media and helped collect the funds needed for the surgery. Adel, who is now looking forward to the surgery, thanked everyone who donated and voiced hope that the surgery will be successful.