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By Swami Ramdas

If pleasure be joy, let pain be also joy.
If getting be joy, let giving be also joy.
If action be joy, let inaction be also joy.
If thinking be joy, let non-thinking be also joy.
If talking be joy, let silence be also joy.
If sleeping be joy, let waking be also joy.
If health be joy, let ill-health be also joy.
If eating be joy, let fasting be also joy.
If living be joy, let dying be also joy.
You are yourself pure unalloyed joy””bliss eternal.
How cooling is silence! Talk is like the surging sea; silence is like the surface of still waters. Silence settles down the disturbed mind to its native calmness. Peace is silence, love is silence, the great Truth is silence. Silence is the cause of all birth. From silence evolves out the varied universe. Silence is the beginning and the end of all things. In the middle state it is all activity, noise, turmoil, and the mad rush. The resting snake runs and fidgets about, and then rests again. Where the river starts there is perfect stillness, the running water is active and noisy in its course, until it attains its calm again when it meets the ocean. The sleeping bird starts up early morning, flies about from tree to tree; when the evening comes, it regains its nest and calm again. From silence all come, to silence all revert. All activity is rounded by silence.