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Church council condemns Delhi violence, pledges support for victims

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The National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) on February 26 condemned the “dastardly attack on the vulnerable and the weak” in different parts of the national capital. The council also appeals to various Christian denominations to facilitate each other, and all others of different faith traditions and ideological persuasions in their neighborhoods, to rise from the ashes. “We will not be cowed down. We will rise,” the statement asserts. Besides condemning violence, the Christian body regretted “the explicit or implicit complicity and tacit approval of those in power and authority, and the blame game to cover inaction and poor response to early warnings.” It appealed to Churches and their organization to in the riot-affected areas to respond appropriately to those in need. The 106-year-old council also prayed for the deceased and wounded and for their families.