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Core of the Islamic Faith is Purification of the Self
One Must Always be Open to Change
An American Muslim Imam’s Letter to the American Sikh Community

It is said about Sufi Saint Junaid that while teaching his students at a congregation he was bitten by a scorpion. When the students wanted to kill the scorpion, the Saint forbade them, saying: “Do not kill the scorpion, which has followed only its inherent nature. As human beings, let us follow our own compassionate human nature and spare the life of the scorpion.”’
“There is an anecdote about a Sufi Saint Zubayr, who is reported to have become restless when he saw a tiny ant crawling in his room. His compassionate self did not rest till he had picked up the ant and put it in a box for its safety.”
(Source: K. Hussain, A Testament of Faith: One Family of God)