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How 1 Minute a Day can Increase Your Joy!

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There is a 1-minute daily activity that will increase your joy. This activity is: keeping a “Blessings Journal”.
By Sheima Salam Sumer

“”¦But if you count the favors of Allah, never will you be able to number them”¦” (Quran 14:34)
There is a 1-minute daily activity that will increase your joy . This activity is: keeping a “Blessings Journal”.
All you need is a notebook and a pen. Once a day, write down 5 blessings of Allah in your life. A blessing is anything that makes you feel happy and thankful. When you write these blessings, feel the gratitude for them.
For example, today in my Blessings Journal I wrote down the following:
1. Educational Youtube videos
2. Elevators
3. Multigrain bread with butter
4. Cozmo’s (a new supermarket here that makes my life easier)
5. My relatively easy life compared to the lives of others
You can write down absolutely anything that you feel is a blessing from Allah, such as your eyesight, Islam, your children, etc.
This activity will help you to pay attention more to the uncountable blessings in your life, throughout your day. You will focus more on the positive than the negative in your life.
It only takes 1 minute to write these 5 blessings, but if you do it daily, you will become a more thankful person.
Also, you will be pleasing to Allah because He is pleased by gratitude in His servants:
“If you are thankless, Allah is in no need of you”“yet He is not pleased by ingratitude of His worshipers. And if you are thankful, He is pleased by it in you.” ( Quran 39:7)
(Sheima Salam Sumer is a trained counselor and author of the book ” How To Be a Happy Muslim, Inshallah”. She can be reached at : [email protected]