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Make Time For Remembering God

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“Those that remember Me in their heart, I remember them in My heart; and those that remember Me in a gathering (i.e. that make mention of Me), I remember them (i.e. make mention of them) in a gathering better than theirs.”

In today’s world, it’s easy to get swept up in the routine of a busy schedule. Sometimes, it’s even difficult to find the time to eat, let alone spare a thought for God. But there are ways to find and make the time. There is a word that is attributed to the remembrance of God, and that is Zikr. It’s a word that when translated into English essentially means the remembrance of God, either silently in the heart, or in the heart and by words.
Many of us do remember God especially in times of despair to ask for help or in good times to be thankful, but what about all of the other times? What about the in between times when we are on the go? To remember God, you just have to have some time. So, when you are waiting in traffic, standing in a queue, parked outside the school waiting for your child or even gardening, you can say with awareness short phrases like Alhamdulillah (‘All praise be to God’) and Allahu Akbar (‘God is the Greatest’) or ‘Thank You, God’.
Positive remembrance of God brings about a sense of being thankful and appreciative of all He has done for us. By being aware of the glory of God in everything it can even prevent negativity or even depression. It helps to find the good in the bad, the positive in the negative, and the opportunities in the problems. Even more than that, it will purify your heart just by simply remembering God so He remembers you in this life and the next. Do take the opportunity to lift your spiritual status and increase your faith by the remembrance of God.
Find the time in your busy schedule for the remembrance of God.
“Those men and women who engage much in Allah’s praise for them Allah has prepared forgiveness and a Great Reward” ~ Qur’an 33:35